Choosing your homeowners insurance company

Great care should be taken when choosing your homeowner’s insurance company. There are many considerations beyond “cheap homeowner’s insurance” quotes. In the world of insurance, just like most things, you get what you pay for. You need to take into consideration the rating of your insurance company, as well as their claims paying history or claims to complaint ratio. You can get online insurance quotes, but your Trusted Choice independent agent can get you quotes and help you decide on the best company for your insurance needs. We can help you get the most for your cost of insurance. At Zealco, formerly Cornelison & Associates Inc., we represent several “A” rated companies for you to choose from.

 Zealco is independent

Zealco is a group of independent insurance agents who give you the option of working with a local insurance agent. Zealco insurance agents WORK FOR YOU AND NOT THE INSURANCE COMPANY. One call to a local Zealco agent saves you time, money and stress. At Zealco, we will do the research and bring you several home/auto quotes from “A” rated companies. Isn’t that what you really want? A more simple life, and better/cheaper insurance.

We can also advise you on which companies are the best at paying claims as well as advise you on which companies are the best for your particular risk. For example, “Do you have a pool?,” “Do you have a trampoline?”, or “Do you have a home business?”, are questions your agent will ask. Your independent insurance agent can then go to the company they know will accept your risk. Imagine going to a one company agent and filling out all the paperwork and then finding out that you have to get rid of your kid’s trampoline. You have just wasted an hour of your time. With us we simply switch to a company which will either accept or exclude your risk. Also with an independent agent if for some reason you are canceled by a company instead of having to find a new agent we simply find you a new company. We will usually be offering you options before you even know you are being non-renewed.

Insurance company ratings

Insurance companies are rated by several rating agencies. Standard and Poor’s and A.M. Best are two of the most widely accepted companies which rate insurance companies with A. M. Best being the most prevalent. An “A” rating tells you that a company is sufficiently large, diverse, and funded to stand up to a catastrophic event and still be able to cover your claim. The higher the rating, the more sound a company is. In truth, if you average the cost of insurance among “A” rated companies over an extended period of time it pretty much averages out. One company may be higher this year but will be lower in the next year. So cost of insurance among like companies is going to average out over time. We have found that sticking with a GOOD company is the best strategy. If you switch companies often, you may find yourself in a situation where you are in your first year and you have a claim which may result in a non-renewal. The same claim in year 3 or 5 would result in payment of claim and a friendly renewal.

 Insurance Claims Payment

The way a company pays claims is important. We have found that independent insurance companies simply pay claims better. Think about it, if a company does not handle one of my client’s claims fairly I might move a large block of business from that company to a company that does pay fairly. To survive the independent companies have to handle claims better. Ask us for examples! I have a bunch of instances where claims have been paid above and beyond the call. Google TEN WORST INSURANCE COMPANIES. Is your current company on that list? Not a single company we represent is on that list. The bottom line – claims are paid in a fair and timely fashion.