Types of bonds written include, but are not limited to:

Contract Bonds

Types of bonds written include:

Fidelity Bonds

Employee theft can deliver a striking blow to a business.  Surveys show that a surprisingly large number of employees have admitted stealing from their employers during the previous year.

Fidelity Bonds guarantee that the bonded employee(s) will handle their employer’s money and property with fidelity.  In other words, it guarantees they won’t steal.

  • Janitorial Services Bonds
  • Employee Dishonesty Bonds
  • Pension Trust (ERISA) Bonds

Errors and Omissions

What happens when an innocent mistake makes a notary public, signing agent, or tax preparer an easy target for a lawsuit?

 We provide Errors & Omissions Insurance coverage for Notary Public’s, Signing Agents, and Tax Preparers’.

  • Notary Public E&O
  • Signing Agent E&O
  • Tax Preparer E&O

Notary Bonds

We have a unique Notary Bond that will provide E & O insurance at no additional cost. You can also get your stamp and Journal at the same time as your Bond.

Miscellaneous Bonds

Types of bonds written include, but are not limited to:

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