At Zealco we understand you are bombarded daily with advertisements from auto insurance companies telling you they can save you $100’s on automobile insurance. You have the option of calling several insurance agents or calling the insurance company directly. You also have the option of working through a local insurance agent, or calling the 800 number and working directly through the “insurance company” or going on line and filling out the questionnaires. There are far too many choices; let us simplify your life and save you money, and keep you in compliance with the law.

Zealco, is an independent

Zealco, is a group of independent insurance agents, who give you the option of working with a local insurance agent. Zealco insurance agents WORK FOR YOU AND NOT THE INSURANCE COMPANY. One call to a local insurance agent saves you time, money and stress. At Zealco we will do the research and bring you several home/auto quotes from “A” rated companies. Isn’t that what you really want? A simpler life and better/cheaper insurance.

The way this works

You fill out the auto quote form or give us a call and we will take down the information for you. Once we have the quote form filled out we will then decide the 4 or 5 best insurance companies to quote you with. Believe me, we know which insurance company charges more for teen drivers or lets that one ticket slide. Some insurance companies quote autos heavier on driving record, some on teenage drivers, some on type of auto, and most have a credit rating factor. From experience, we know which companies are going to give you the best rates. We then poll those companies and put them into competition for your business.

Local Agent

As a result of working with a local agent you can drop by and pay a bill, let us help you with a claim, or just have a cup of coffee. You have the convenience of dealing with most of our companies online to pay a bill at the last minute or file/check on a claim. Working with a local agent gives you the best of all worlds. You have the pricing power of multiple companies. AND, if for some reason you are canceled by a company, instead of having to find a new agent we simply shop for your next best option. We know you and your situation, so we simply go find you the right coverage. In addition, if you do have a claim, we can help you with the process and make sure you are getting the best possible settlement.

What You Do Now

We have told you why you need to be working with an independent agent and multiple companies. All you have to do is, fill out the form, call us, or come by.

Our Promise to You

We will shop your insurance needs with as many companies as possible to ensure you receive the best possible value on your hard earned insurance dollar.